L'art de poser de grandes questions

In the excitement that follows finding the right candidate, employers often forget that the reference checking process is an important part of recruitment.

It is vital that the right questions are asked during the reference checking process to ensure both time and money are not wasted on a failed hire. It is also an important step in identifying any potential weakness or training needs during their employment.

A lack of standardisation in reference checking leaves organisations open to risk. Getting the process right is absolutely critical to ensuring you get the best people through the door before they go elsewhere.

Drawing on the insights from over 100,000 questions answered via Xref's automated reference checking platform, in this 30-minute webinar Xref CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour shares:

1. The four key skills of high potential candidates

2. The five essential components of a great question

3. How to get the right mix of questions when conducting reference checks; Personal, Essential and Role-specific

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